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Furnishing Tips For Your Pool Area

So you've recently constructed a new pool, and are preparing to entertain family and friends, sunbathe, and just hang out in your new space. When thinking of designing and arranging your backyard furniture, first consider function, then style while designing each zone.

Arrange pool furniture in zones that make sense for sunning, relaxing, and eating.

If your space is large enough, divide your poolside area into sections with seating arrangements that serve different purposes, (conversation area vs eating area etc)


A pool is a major investment, so you'll, first and foremost, need your new space to work for splashing and entertaining. Begin by making a simple furniture plan, then add in storage areas for towels, toys, chemicals etc if needed.


Prior to executing any of your ideas, first contemplate how you need to utilize the space and address those functions with your furniture decisions. We find it helpful to use graph paper to plot the space down to give a better visual of size and fit.

For many pool owners, having multiple seating and entertainment areas are highly sought after.


Chaise lounges are the best options for poolside relaxing, yet an oversized lounge chair and ottoman can function just as well. Having 3 of these in a row usually makes for a stunning poolside arrangement.


If a snack by the pool is what your craving but perhaps not a swim session, have a seating area with a coffee table, side tables, and a plush conversation set is great in these situations. These spaces are great for pool side spectators!


If you love to host and entertain, or have a large family, a dinning table is a must. When deciding on a table consider the number of individuals you are likely to entertain at one time. How much space you have will probably decide how big of a table you can fit. Also consider expandable tables if you are tight on space. Don't forget to accessorize with umbrellas.


Most new pool owners rapidly figure out the number of items and accessories that accompany their pool. Plan ahead and get creative with storage ideas for toys, towels, etc.

A storage bin is an extraordinary choice and can be arranged inside using baskets and plastic containers to keep things organized.


On the off chance that you have a covered area close by, an open shelf and/or cabinet accompanied by hooks on the wall might help keep all your backyard items in check.

Style and Character

Whether you've purchased a new house or just completed constructing a new pool, you've likely been longing to make a luxury hotel feel in your own backyard, the perfect place to escape to. Like every upscale resort, its important to incorporate stylish and functional pieces that really bring the space together and complete the look.

Mix and match furniture choices around your pool patio.

This gives a more interesting a layered look to your space.


Lighting is probably the most important element to set the tone of a space. Whatever your style is (lanterns, patio string lights etc.) opt for incandescent bulbs over LED, this allows for the space to be more calming and inviting and perfect for the evening hours.

When shopping to furnish your new space keep these tips in mind and we are sure your number 1 space will become a 5 star resort in no time.

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