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Pool Trends for 2024

Are you preparing or thinking about taking the plunge and constructing a pool this year? Choosing between so many shapes and finishes can be overwhelming to say the least. All of our pools are custom made for the client making sure to check everything off their wish list. From lighting and the materials, you can plan a pool that matches your style and your home aesthetic for a seamless integration to your new paradise.

With the extravagance of vehicles or top of the line style, pool plans develop with recent fads and advancements as well. It is a field as liquid as the waters these establishments hold. From amazing submerged light shows to ideas that seem out of this world, we've gathered together a portion of 2024's trending pool patterns.

Must-Watch Trending Patterns in 2024

Cold Plunge Pools

Cold plunge pools are set to stir things up in 2024. This invigorating turn on conventional pool offers medical advantages, not just physically but for the mind as well.. These frosty retreats have turned into an unquestionable necessity for wellbeing and the health conscious home owner. Quick tip if you're not quite ready to get a plunge pool try using your spa without the heater for a few days to see if you enjoy the cold dunk (remember to keep your spa circulating at all times while the weather is cooler if you are turning off the heat).

Savvy 2024 Equipment and Technology

With ever evolving home designs, it's no surprise pools keep on getting an astute redesign. This means less time cleaning and adjusting chemicals, meaning a pool that is lower maintenance for you as the homeowner

From simple to-utilize, everything is automated these days. Controlling the temperature or water feature of your pool can be as easy as the touch of a button Turning on your spa, changing your pool's light show, can all be integrated into one app, making owning your pool a breeze. If you don't have an automatic robot cleaner, this is the year to invest in one. They do all the hard work for you allowing you to spend more time lounging by the pool and not cleaning it!

Tanning Edges/Sun ledges

Tanning edges (or baja shelves) reclassify poolside relaxing, offering an ideal space for unwinding without making a plunge necessary. Ideal for all ages, these shallow areas give a protected, sun-kissed retreat. Baja shelves are a great area for integrating lounge chairs as well as bubblers and other fun water features.

Light Shows and Fire Features

Lighting and fire features lift all elements of pools alike. Envision a late evening swimming through the submerged gleam of driven lights or a poolside gathering around the entrancing glint of flares.

These elements upgrade the feel as well as make an enamoring vibe. From changing LEDs to stylish fire bowls, Pool Doctors can assist with arranging a space that enlightens your poolside experience.

Liner or Concrete Colour Choices

Homeowners are diving into an abundant of colour choices for their pools these days. From endless choices of liner patterns to mix and match concrete finishes the sky is the limit. Choosing the right colour for your pool is a personal preference and also one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Take into account the colour of your hardscape, as well as the colour of your home, to make the best decision that will be most pleasing to the eye.

Black Liner/Finish

One unexpected trend of 2024 is the black liner/finish. Once the water is placed in the pool it creates a beautiful deep aqua colour. Many people are opting for this colour with more modern homes and surroundings. One advantage of having a black liner is it will take in more heat from the sun compared to the lighter colours.

The Two Tone

This is one of our favourite looks, mix and matching the pool finish colours. If you are incorporating a tanning ledge or a spill over spa, why not add more character and choose complimenting or contrasting colours for different areas of the pool.

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