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Imagine on a warm sunny day lounging by the pool, the smell of your lunch cooking on the bbq,  the birds are singing, the cicadas are humming,  but all you're focused on is the sound of running water.  All your stress melts away as you close your eyes and listen to the soothing sound of the water falling.  Scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote happiness,  the sight and sound of water is both pleasing to the eyes and ears.  Let us create a stunning backdrop that you and your family, and possibly your nosey neighbour can enjoy for years to come.  

DSC_3518 (1).jpg


What better way to finish off a pool but to add some fire to go with that water.  Fire features are a great way to enhance your surroundings.  Not only do they add warmth, but also a calming flickering light.  They are also great for keeping those pesky mosquitoes away during the evening hours.  From built in, real wood burning fireplaces, to fire & water bowls combined,  there is no reason to not incorporate this element into your outdoor world. 

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