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Did you know the first steel & vinyl pool was invented in the late 60's?  We've been around long enough to see every shape, size and problem when it comes to older pools.  From cracked coping and shifting interlock to liner and equipment issues.  The good news is everything can be improved and fixed.   The possibilitys are endless when it comes to renovating a steel and vinyl pool.  As you can see from the before & after pictures above, we extended the size of pool and changed the shape,  added a baja shelf, negative edge spa, and a water feature.   We upgraded all the pool equipment, plumbing lines and surrounding pavers.  This pool went from drab to fab in a couple of weeks.

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Times have changed, and so has concrete since the 70's.  We are often contacted regarding old peeling concrete pools that have deteriorated over time.  The good news is you don't have to live with the eye sore of an ugly pool.   After a thorough site visit and pool inspection, Pool Doctors will provide you with a quote to address all your concerns regarding your aging pool.  While it sounds like a large and intimidating process, we make it quite simple and best of all timely.  

There are many options available  when wanting to bring your pool into this decade.  Whether its getting rid of an old step ladder, or adding a water feature, upgrading your equipment, to changing the shape of the pool entirely, anything is possible when it comes to remodeling a concrete pool.  You use your imagination, and we wil use our expertise to get you back swimming in no time.

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