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steel and vinyl pool
spill over spa
structural footings for pool
Preparation for Coping
Modern pool steps with spill over spa

     When it comes to steel and vinyl pool construction,  we are changing the game.  We  guarantee your pool will stand the test of time. We mix on site with a proprietary blend of concrete mix with very little shrinkage, fiber reinforcement and waterproofing ad mixtures.  This ensures the best quality we can .  Every footing is poured to our highest standard, allowing for our industry leading warranties.  We're preparing your pool with landscape consideration and foresight, from footings to water features & spas, to future gas features and anything else that is on your  wish list, we have it covered.   Starting with the structural footings and custom supports to ensures zero settlement, along with a shotcrete locking floor and rebar attached to the upper structural support.  All of the over dig and back walls of ground conditions are sprayed with shotcrete to mitigate soil and aggregate migration and control of water flow.

     Water management is crucial to an exceptional pool build,  this is why we look at every square inch of your property to come up with a solution that will best suit your build.  Every pool we build has at least one mandatory sump well to mitigate groundwater issues which can happen with steel and vinyl pools.  We have been doing this a long time and understand the importance of your property's watershed and grading issues. 

     Even though you will most likely never see it,  we spend a lot of time working the intricate underground pipelines.  This is very important to us as taking the time here will most definitely save you headaches in the future, minimizing problems underground repairs and leaks.  All of our pipes used are min schedule 40 to schedule 80 depending on application with no flex piping,  we could geek out in this section for a while with our technical jargon,  but we would rather show you than talk about it! 

     Once the landscape is ready to go we prepare your pool with a 32mpa concrete structural lip with proprietary vertical steel support tied to footing of pool. This is reinforced to support your choice of pool coping.  It ensures zero chance of settlement.  The Concrete is poured at 10" around the entire perimeter of the pool in preparation for 12" Stone Coping.

     When it comes to equipment,  we only use the best of the best.  This means curtailing a equipment package that will best suit your needs as a pool owner.  We take everything into consideration when recommending the right equipment for your pool (depth, size, built in spa with winter usage, water features, etc) .  All of these factors come into play to make sure your pool is always functioning efficiently at 100%.  And who could forget about automation! Everything is streamlined to your phone or automation control screen to make running your pool as easy as a click of a button.

     The pool & spa liners we use have a wide range of patterns and colours.  We measure on site and have the liners custom made locally for your pool.  They are always 30mil virgin vinyl liner (60mil for spas).  Liners for built in steps, ledges, or baja shelves are always welded on site with padding underneath and finished off with a non slip tread for added comfort.

Contact us today if you are interested in talking more about a steel & vinyl pool!

Pool edge and coping
pool edge
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