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At Pool Doctors we build elegant pools and landscapes that embody refined sophistication, seamlessly blending the natural elements with architectural brilliance to create a harmonious oasis of tranquility and beauty.



From patios, coping and retaining walls to wood structures like pergolas, sheds and decks with plant life throughout, we can create a natural, relaxing feel for your family. All you need to do is enjoy the finished product.



Our crews are skilled, work hard and take pride in their craft. Since we dedicate a team to each project, every site has our full attention from start to finish. Nothing goes unfinished. 

Each landscape is backed by our extended warranty — ask us for details!

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Design Elegancy

Elegant pools and landscape design combine the perfect balance of natural elements and architectural finesse, creating a harmonious and visually stunning outdoor space.


Tranquility & Sophistication

The interplay of water features, lush greenery, and carefully curated hardscapes evokes a sense of tranquility and sophistication, transforming any backyard into a private oasis.

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Pools & Spas That Last a Lifetime!

We treat your backyard as if it’s our own. Every pool liner is custom-fitted for your pool and welded and seamed on-site. All plumbing includes extra, independent lines to isolate any leaks before they become major problems. And our coping isn’t glued down. Instead, we do true mortar work, and install all stones so they’re locked into the footing of each pool.

The result is a pool that will stand the test of time, which is why we back up the structure of the pool and its plumbing with a lifetime warranty.


The Latest in Pool Technology at Your Fingertips

Get access to our expertise in pool & spa technology. Whether its energy-efficient automation systems that keep your pool & spa on a heating and lighting schedule, variable speed pumps, solar heating, insulated covers or in-floor cleaning systems, your pool will save energy — and the environment — at the same time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that our tranquil and elegant designs will provide the utmost satisfaction to you and your family.

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